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Clearing Up Refurbishment Finance Misconceptions

In the realm of property investment, gaining a clear understanding of the distinctions between light, medium, and heavy refurbishment loans, alongside the crucial role of a detailed schedule of works, is paramount for both brokers and investors seeking financing.

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Maximising returns in a challenging market

In the UK’s buy-to-let (BTL) sector, aging landlords are retiring, offering opportunities for remaining investors. Bridging loans provide quick capital access for property investments in a volatile mortgage market, enabling buyers to acquire and enhance property value, helping them succeed in this evolving BTL landscape.

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Refurbishment for Bridging & Commercial

Current market conditions mean property investors now have to convert properties into high yielding rental offerings to enable them to re-mortgage the properties at a later date and achieve the maximum loan-to-value (LTV) available.

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property development finance

Preparation is key to securing property development finance

Development finance is a specialised area within the mortgage market that deals with funding for various types of development projects. It is considered niche because each project is unique, and the level of financing can vary significantly, ranging from tens of thousands to multi-million-pound deals

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Regulated bridging

Regulated bridging for downsizing

Bridging finance is often associated with landlords and property investors in need of a quick cash injection in order to fund housing projects or purchase a property before renting it out or doing it up and selling it on for a profit. 

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