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As a specialist bridge finance broker, we have access to low rates

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Borrowing amounts, fees, interest and total to repay is intended to be a guide based on the amount entered. A bridge finance specialist will fully assess your requirements and provide an illustration.

Bridging loan amount £200,000 (including £4,035 lender and £1,190 broker fees), 0 monthly payments with a monthly interest rate of 0.68% rolled up over 12 months giving a total amount payable of £224,251 at an APRC of 10.2%. The contract will be secured against the property.


For property or land you own or want to purchase


rates from
0.47% per month
  • Securing a property before completing the sale of your existing property
  • Broken sale chains - bridging the gap between purchases with buy before selling
  • Auction purchases - quick completion timescales
  • Buying property below market value
  • Renovation - a traditional mortgage may not be available until the works are complete
  • Below market value - enabling you to possibly take advantage of the open market value of the property
  • Un-mortgageable properties, for example if there’s no kitchen or bathroom
  • Discuss other options with us


For property you want to buy, renovate and sell 

Refurbishment & Buy to Sell

rates from
0.47% per month
  • Up to 85% Loan to value for the refurbishments
  • Up to 100% of refurbishment costs
  • Lenders that work on the guaranteed value after works are completed
  • Light, Medium and Heavy Refurbishment projects (from internal works to conversions and extensions)
  • Staged releases
  • Buy to rent projects
  • Change of use - if changing the purpose of a building


For business purchase or growth


rates from
0.78% per month
  • Commercial property purchase
  • Investment for growth
  • Tax purposes
  • Purchasing business shares
  • Buy to let, including HMOs and Holiday lets

Why a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is multipurpose and has a variety of uses, with lending mainly based on the property, borrowers experience and plan for the property, it means that whilst lenders will carry out a credit check, they don’t tend to be overly concerned about a low or bad credit profle.  Although it’s important to note, if a traditional mortgage is required on exit, that is likely subject to full lender credit and affordability checks.

What is a Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are used to ‘bridge’ the gap until the main finance is available, this could be a traditional mortgage, or the property is sold, following say a renovation.

For example, you might be selling your main home and buying a new one, but then the buyer of your property withdraws, and you do not want to lose your dream home.  A bridging loan could be the solution, as you can raise the funds across both properties, to secure the purchase of your new home. Once your current property is sold you repay some or all of the bridging finance from the proceeds of sale and then by using a traditional mortgage on the new property to repay any remaining balance if required.  This is often referred to as ‘saving a chain break’.  You are then in the home you wanted to be, with a traditional mortgage if you needed it.

Other uses are auction purchases, where traditionally property investors are looking for below market value properties or properties with a potential to sell for a profit once a refurbishment has been completed, often called ‘Buy to Sell mortgages’.  Some may even be looking for a property to purchase to keep as a  residential home.

A bridge can also help with ‘un-mortgageable’ properties (Structural issues, refurbishment, reconfiguration or change of use).  These are unlikely to qualify for a traditional mortgage, a bridge allows you to buy the property, renovate it to a standard acceptable for a traditional mortgage, you may plan to live in it, rent it out or sell it.

Lender’s Criteria

1 – 24 Month term (longer on buy to let)

£100,000 to no maximum loan amounts

Rates from 0.33%

100% LTV available with additional security (i.e. 2 properties)

1st, 2nd and 3rd Charges

No exit fee options, no product tie ins

Previous missed payments, defaults and CCJs taken

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Will I qualify for a bridging loan?

The loan amount is based on the loan to value ratio (LTV) from properties current or estimated future value, if renovating.  Most bridge lenders will lend up to 75% of the value, but there are some that will stretch this to 85% if the purpose is to renovate and sell the property for profit, after the costs of works.

Key factors considered by lenders are the:

  • Subject property
  • Loan-to-value
  • Project plans
  • Exit plan (how you will repay the loan, such as traditional mortgage, sale or other capital)

What are the charges on a bridging loan?

The usual fees are a valuation fee, legal fees and a lender application or arrangement fee to cover the costs of setting up the loan.  There can also be fees if you need to extend the term of the bridge.  Its therefore very important that you fully plan your project to avoid unnecessary fees.  If you decide to proceed with a bridging loan through Clever Lending we will also charge a fee (as discussed on application) and can help you to ensure you have the correct finance in place for the correct time period.

What interest is payable?

Bridging loan interest rates are set by considering the property value, size of loan, loan to value (LTV), use of property, condition and location and are usually chargeable on a month basis, instead of the traditional mortgage annual rate.

Due to the slight increase in risk with bridging and the short-term nature, lenders charge slightly higher rates compared to a traditional mortgage.

How can I repay a bridging loan?

With bridging loans, interest and payments can be retained, rolled up or serviced, the difference being retained and rolled up, means you make no payments each month and instead they are deducted from the original loan balance.

With serviced, you make the interest payments each month and therefore the remaining balance on exit is the original amount borrowed.

The beauty of a bridge is you can have no monthly payments, using those funds as cash flow during the project and reap the benefits with a quicker sale or say, rental income.

At the end of the bridge finance term, you will need to repay the capital, any added interest and fees in full.

Why use a specialist?

Gone are the days of a ‘computer says no’ process when it comes to lending.

What should I do next?

You can call us today on 0800 316 2224, option 1 or complete the contact form

One of our experts will give you a call to find out more about your situation – We have experts in commercial and residential lending, who focus solely on helping customers save money

We do all the hard work for you – We search the market for the trusted lender that’s right for you

Our expert will get back in touch – We can guide you every step of the way, and we’ll always keep you up to date with progress

Why use Clever Lending?

We are specialist in finding solutions for bridging finance, talking to an industry expert will mean you are getting the right information for your requirements.  With a personal service and outside the box thinking, if there is a solution out there, we will find it.

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6 Great Reasons to Choose Clever Lending for a bridging loan

In-house regulated bridging advice
We have a dedicated team of qualified specialists who are ready to discuss your regulated bridging advice enquiries

Market-leading rates
Competitive rates on bridging loans with 100% LTV available with added security

Hundreds of products
First, second and third charge bridging loans available from £100,000 with terms from 1 month to 24 months

Staged release on development
Borrowers can secure renovation funds for various stages of their property renovations 

No exit or legal fees
We can offer bridging loans with no exit fees for flexibility of the investment plan

Manage all enquiries online
Manage all bridging enquiries at any time from any device using Clever+

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Typical examples

The above is for comparative purposes only. Please check with your lender or broker for the most up-to-date information and rates at the present time.

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