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Sourcing Systems – supporting, not replacing the service

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Clever Lending has recently launched their new Clever Sourcing system into the market place. It is an intermediary friendly tool that will allow advisers to quickly search and compare thousands of second charge products in the market and with all intents and purposes, enable them to easily identify further options available to their client. This is supported by other functionality, such as the production of a compliant audit trail and transparency of referrals.

Many systems like this are being built and launched. In order for the intermediary market to reach its true potential and clients to receive the service they deserve, Master Brokers should be endeavouring to support the advisers within it. Technology is increasingly playing its part in doing so. Forward thinking companies, such as Mortgage27Tec with whom we partner, have done an excellent job in making this easier by providing the platform for many systems to be built. Therefore, the aesthetics and ergonomics of each of the systems will be different front end, with lots of time and resource spent by all, to ensure that the adviser can have the smoothest journey possible. However, the back ends of these systems are all very much built on the same integrated feeds with lenders, ensuring their range of products is presented to the adviser.

Clever Lending are part of Totemic Group Ltd, whom are very experienced in dealing with vulnerable clients with complex financial circumstances. Within the Group, we have Payplan Financial Ltd, one of the largest free to consumer Debt Management Companies in the UK. Clever characterise the Group’s customer orientated focus bringing through affordable and sustainable outcomes. This is increasingly important with debt consolidation being cited more and more as a decisive factor when selecting a second charge product. Applying the growing range of second charge products, with lower rates and associated costs, to the client’s circumstances, is therefore more important than ever.

As mortgage advisers do on a daily basis, CeMap qualified second charge advisers know and can advise on these products. Each case is unique and there are more often than not, factors that a system cannot pick up or be flexible towards. Sourcing systems are a very useful tool to increase and illustrate affordable options and Clever Sourcing can quickly run a basic source with minimal info to see if it’s worth pursuing, saving time for all parties involved. However, Clever Lending pride themselves on delivering a personalised service and we see Clever Sourcing as a useful tool in identifying products, assessing client options and satisfying their FCA considerations.

Clever can provide the advice to the client or package for the adviser, either way Clever Sourcing will add a great deal of value to the adviser by making life very easy for them. But ultimately providing a personalised service with CeMap qualified advisers remains paramount to us in ensuring a sustainable product, suitable to the clients’ circumstances, is identified and presented.

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