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The role of master brokers continues to evolve and expand

As a master broker with a vision to offer the very best service and product knowledge to introducers,

Clever Lending has pushed on with diversifying the products we can select through a vast network of lenders in order to provide a complete service for sourcing, packaging and underwriting cases.


We now have the capability of offering more product types, covering second charges, bridging finance, commercial and developments funding, complex buy to let and first charges. Within Clever Lending we have specialists in all our product areas to provide knowledge and guidance to introducers and their clients in these often difficult areas of lending.


This also means we can offer more products to more client profiles, whether an individual is in debt or needs assistance to plan credit repair, clients who are being denied access to mainstream finance, a landlord with a property portfolio looking for buy to let bridging finance or a business looking for commercial funding to expand.


No matter how complex the case, we are confident that with our extensive panel of specialist and mainstream lenders and in-house staff able to package and underwrite a wide selection of cases, we can offer an unparalleled service that ultimately will result in a broker completing more cases, and a wider variety of cases. This can help them to grow their own business and increase fee income.


Whether directly authorised or not, we can take as little or as much work away from the introducer as they require, by completely looking after the client and offering the full advice, or simply by packaging the product that the introducer has recommended.


Sourcing systems have proved a huge success  and now all second charges available through Clever Lending  can be seen on Iress’s XPLAN Mortgage sourcing platform, so if Trigold Prospector is the chosen sourcing tool, it’s even easier to help source the right second charge product for introducers and their clients. There also continues a significant investment in new technology, processes and systems, working closely with Twenty7tec with whom we have a long-standing business relationship.


As part of our growth and expansion, we’ve also streamlined our second charge fee structure to make it simpler and remains completely transparent, with just two clear options depending on the route the broker wants to take. And of course with one of the fee options we continue with our market leading 50/50 split on all net income with introducers and pay their fees the day after completion.


So as you can see, we’ve been busy at Clever Lending giving brokers and IFAs more choices and more options across a broad range of finance requirements to help them with their specialist finance cases.


These are just some of the reasons for choosing to work with a master broker, and we can also offer

compliant documents, improved processes, slick sourcing systems, expert underwriting and access to a large network of specialist and mainstream lenders.


We continue to work closely with lenders to fully understand their criteria and in many cases have access to exclusive or limited offer products. Again, reinforcing the importance of working with a master broker that has access to the widest possible range of solutions at any moment in time in a fast-changing market. With excellent service standards we can also take the strain away from complex cases and underwrite each one individually to reach a positive outcomes.


The role of the master broker is here to stay, and will continue to grow and become the preferred option for most brokers and IFAs for placing specialist finance cases.


Here’s just a few comments from some our key business partners about the service we provide as a master broker:


Christine Newell of Paradigm Mortgages: “It’s very pleasing to see a strong move on the back of much industry commentary on the subject of second charges fees. Clever Lending are forward thinking and listening to their user base and their clients.”


Laleta Buctkuar of Together Money: “Clever Lending has a solid understanding of the market place which enables them to identify the right lender for each case.”


Tony Marshall at Equifinance: “Clever Lending take great care in considering the best outcome for customers by placing cases with lenders to satisfy the customers’ needs.”


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