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New seamless application process set to be introduced for brokers

New seamless application process set to be introduced for brokers

Clever Lending has partnered with One Mortgage System (OMS), the seamless single-input enquiry to completion processing platform for brokers.

Sam Kirtikar, Managing Director of Clever Lending, said: “OMS capabilities will not only make our case packaging process much more efficient, but also improve the application process for both brokers and customers.

“The increasing number of lenders using OMS reflects how professionals are working together to develop and improve practices across the whole industry. I’m absolutely delighted to announce this new partnership, which I am sure will forge strong links on many levels and ensure Clever Lending continues to offer our brokers a top-class service.”

OMS was the first system to develop a full two-way integration with a number of specialist lenders and it offers AVMs, changeable workflows, drag and drop facilities, and gives its users access to documentation and application forms without the need to rekey any additional data.

It is used by thousands of registered IFAs, brokers and users of the OMS system who are currently saving time when processing.

Neal Jannels, Managing Director of One Mortgage System (OMS), commented: “This integration highlights the flexibility and adaptability of the system in terms of how it can be effective across all sectors of the mainstream and specialist mortgage markets. The successful integration of OMS will free up valuable time for advisers within Clever Lending to better engage with existing and potential clients and generate more business.”

Brokers can look forward to using our new application process soon.

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