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Make Clever Lending your 1st Stop for homeowner loans!

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1st Stop Home Loans has improved product criteria to help even more of your customers.

With second charges from £5,000 to £50,000, subject to customers’ circumstances, they can be used for major purchases such as a new car, home improvements like redesigning the kitchen or consolidating debt.

The improved criteria updates include:

• 3rd charge up to £25k with no consent requirement (including NI)
• Lending up to £35,000 in NI
• Only 1 month’s mortgage history required
• No minimum property valuation

Additional features include:

• £20,000 advance up to 120% LTV
• No fixed rate loading
• Shared Ownership and Help-to-Buy accepted

Second charges are still the first choice for many and we can assist you to complete more cases so you can win more business.

With access to a wide range of second charge products, such as these from 1st Stop Home Loans, we can deliver the right solutions for your clients who are improving their home, resolving debt issues and/or repairing their credit profile.

At Clever our in-house team is able to package and underwrite a wide selection of cases. We can also offer an unparalleled service that could result in brokers completing more cases for a wider variety of customers…growing business levels and increasing income opportunities.

If you’re not sure how to help your customers with their finance needs, get in touch with us as we can help in other ways too:

– Detailed product and criteria knowledge
– Expert assistance to place complex cases
– Cases can be tacked online

To make Clever your 1st Stop for home loans, contact us now.

call us on: 0800 316 2224

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