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Delivering the right client outcome through our lender partners

The team at Clever Lending pride themselves on how closely they work with lenders on their panel and the case below indicates how having a strong relationship can be of benefit to all, particularly the client.

We had a client come to us via our partners, Reach Financial Services. The client had sold her property in June 2016 to a friend, and at the time it was agreed the client would continue to reside in the property until the sale on her new property was complete.

But circumstances changed and before the new sale could complete, the property owner came into financial difficulty and so needed to move into the property very quickly. Our client was given a deadline of 5 days to move out, and as a result it was likely she was going to become homeless if the property she was buying did not complete within the time frame. The lending solution was being provided by Magellan.

As the case was unfolding the Clever team had a visit from Magellan BDM, Pam Oliver, who was in the office delivering product updates. Pam heard of the situation and the fact the client was at risk of being made homeless and immediately made contact with the Magellan head office. Various discussions took place and Pam was very supportive in helping the case move forward to release funds in time for completion on deadline day. The Clever Lending team helped ensure the packaging of the product was done swiftly in order to support the timescales.

It was a full team effort from all involved and helps indicate how solid working relationships can deliver the right client outcome.

Pam Oliver, Regional Sales Manager at Magellan, said: “The key to a lender being able to respond quickly to these types of situations is having a well packaged case to deal with. Clever Lending were able to provide Magellan with everything we needed and were willing to work closely with us so that we could push this deal through to completion as quickly as possible.

“It’s very satisfying when the whole operation goes smoothly and underwriters, brokers, packagers and administrators are able to generate a positive outcome for a client in need.”

Sam Kirtikar, Managing Director at Clever Lending, said: “This was a very challenging case, not least because it was vital we worked very quickly to help avoid a customer potentially becoming homeless, the case itself was complicated further by the customer having a poor credit record. However, we managed to fast track the application and put the client’s mind at ease, by ensuring we would complete in a prompt and efficient manner.

“It was a pleasure working with Magellan Homeloans, a specialist lender with vast experience and expertise in understanding this type of case. They were able to provide finance for the customer who didn’t fit standard lending criteria and needed a more flexible approach to their lending needs.”

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