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First Charge Packaging


As a first charge packager dealing in niche lending we understand that not every mortgage application is simple. There are many factors that affect a mortgage application whereby the lender may decline due to the case not fitting mainstream lending criteria.

Clever Lending have access to a comprehensive panel of specialist lenders that on many occasions can only be accessed through a packager such as ourselves. We aim to provide you and your clients with a solution through a host of niche innovative products.

Clever Lending do not provide advice or contact your client on packaged mortgage cases. This is left to you. We will source niche products from our partner panel, package and complete the mortgage.

Why access Clever Specialist Packaging?

With experience in dealing with a wide range of client needs, we have access to specialist mortgage products with niche criteria whereby the clients circumstances may be looked at more favourably. We have created strong partnerships with lenders who work on a more flexible basis with manual underwriting available to individually assess and provide products which would not necessarily be available in certain circumstances. Our lenders aim to judge each applicant on their individual merit.

Our niche criteria:

  • Non Credit Scoring Lenders – manual underwriting
  • Mixed purpose use
  • Residential to 95% LTV
  • Buy-to-Let to 80% LTV
  • 90% LTV with adverse credit
  • Interest Only
  • No max age limits
  • 100% affordability based Buy-to-Lets
  • No min income requirement for Buy-to-Let
  • First time Landlords
  • Complex Income structures
  • Current DMP accepted
  • IVAs considered
  • Bankruptcy considered
  • Up to four applicants on same mortgage
  • Guarantor mortgages
  • Non standard property types
  • Right to buys up to 100% of share
  • Shared ownership up to 100% of share
  • Ex Pats – residential and buy to let

Our Process

At Clever Lending we have a professional and experienced team to deal with all your new and ongoing applications.

Simply complete our DIP form and we will quickly come back to you with a potential solution. Should your client wish to proceed we will package the applicants’ case through to completion, keeping you fully up to speed throughout the process.

Our first charge partners include:

    1. Together Money
    2. Precise Mortgages
    3. Dudley Building Society
    4. Bluestone Mortgages
    5. Mansfield Building Society
    6. Masthaven Bank
    7. Chorley Building Society
    8. Harpenden Building Society
    9. Mercantile Trust
    10. Magellan Home Loans
    11. Norton Home Loans
    12. Kensington Mortgage
    13. Bath Building Society
    14. The Mortgage Lender
    15. Skipton International
    16. The Family Building Society
    17. UTB

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