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New Beginnings: A Bridging Finance Success Story

Enabled an 83-year-old to secure a new home without selling her current one first, despite probate delays, through our bespoke Bridging Finance solution.

In the dynamic world of property transactions, timing is everything—especially when it’s about making life-changing moves. This case study highlights how our specialist lending solutions, specifically our Regulated Bridging Finance, facilitated a seamless transition for an 83-year-old client eager to downsize from a 4-bedroom property to a more manageable 2-bedroom home.

Facing the challenge of securing her new home without having sold her current property, she turned to us for a solution that would bridge this gap without the pressure of immediate sale.

Through our partnership with Greenfield and our commitment to navigating complex scenarios, including unexpected probate delays, we not only provided the financial bridge our client needed but also the peace of mind that her move would be on her terms.

Case Study

Regulated Bridging FinanceGreenfield£274,452.45N/A0.75%Regulated Bridging Finance37.85%12 months


This case was introduced to Matt to give advice to the client for a regulated bridging. The client (83 years old) was looking to downsize from a 4-bed property to a 2-bed. She wanted the bridging loan to be secured against her current property because she hadn’t yet found a buyer and didn’t want to lose out on the purchase of the new property. Exit would be sale of the 4-bed property.


Matt placed this case with Greenfield as this lender had competitive rates and would be able to complete quickly.

It transpired once the lender’s application pack had been issued that the client was awaiting grant of probate which meant the application was put on hold because the required valuation would only be valid for 3 months.

Probate was granted 11th December, 8 months after this case was put on hold. The lender was very patient and keep this case open for the client. A new ESIS with the revised rate were provided and the valuation arranged. Legals were instructed early January and completion could have taken place early February but was delayed by the vendor to allow time to move out.

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