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There are many reasons why you may wish to borrow additional funds and there are also many different solutions that could be considered.

Some of the terms or names of these products used can be confusing.

When people wish to utilise the money locked up in their homes, commonly referred to as equity, then inevitably, any borrowing can be secured against the value of the property, just like a mortgage.

This is often referred to as a secured loan, simply because it is secured against the property. However this type of loan  can also be referred to as a ‘Second Charge’  or a  ‘Second Mortgage’ or ‘ Second Charge Mortgage’ – essentially, when referring to your home, they give the same outcome.

Secured loans for any purpose

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Clever Lending has access to a comprehensive range of loan specialists. We can provide you with loan advice and offer you bridging solutions and finance products.

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We appreciate having a quick decision is key so your finance is in place in time for your completion date and to seal your property deal.

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Our expert regulated bridging advice team and strong lender relationships let us work out the finer details of your application to provide you with clear loan advice, whilst keeping you up-to-date along the whole way.

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When cases or situations require specialist assistance, Clever Lending does not disappoint. We’re a loan specialist and provide solutions to customers in a wide range of circumstances – even if they don’t fit within the normal lending criteria.

What is a second charge mortgage?

With a second charge mortgage your loan is secured against the value of the equity in your home much like your first mortgage. It’s that simple!

Second charge mortgages are a type of secured loan which allows homeowners to use equity in their house and raise extra money without re-mortgaging or taking out an unsecured personal loan.

Some lenders won’t allow their customers any additional money due to their criteria. Clever Lending can help you find flexible mortgage providers who are willing to lend you money that is secured against the value of your home.

Some reasons why you may consider taking a Second Charge Mortgage

  • If you don’t want to extend the term on your current mortgage – or lose your  existing low rate on your current mortgage.
  • If an event which has impacted your credit score has occured.
  • If you are locked in to your current mortgage as it has a high early repayment charge (ERC).
  • If you have recently changed your employment status to self -employed.
  • If your current lender is unwilling to provide the funds.
  • If you need to obtain funds quickly – second charge mortgages are often a speedier option than a traditional re-mortgage.