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What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term finance product that bridges a gap when purchasing a property, such as;

Securing a property before completing the sale of your existing property

● Buying an Auctioned property and needing the finance at the point of bidding

Buy-to-Let property

Commercial property purchase

Refurbishment & sell projects

● Any other gap that needs short-term property finance

Once the previous property is sold, the bridging loan is paid back using equity from the sale or remortgaging the new property.


How long does it take to arrange?

The nature of a bridging loan means that you speed and efficiency in any application made, we do not disappoint.

Once you have submitted an enquiry we will get an initial decision to you in 1 hour (without our working hours), and get into contact with you at your earliest convenience to progress your application.


Why Clever Lending?

Clever Lending has access to a comprehensive range of loan specialists. We can provide you with loan advice and offer you bridging solutions and finance products.

Speed and ease

We appreciate having a quick decision is key so your finance is in place in time for your completion date and to seal your property deal.

Service quality

Our expert regulated bridging advice team and strong lender relationships let us work out the finer details of your application to provide you with clear loan advice, whilst keeping you up-to-date along the whole way.

Expert advice on complex cases

When cases or situations require specialist assistance, Clever Lending does not disappoint. We’re a loan specialist and provide solutions to customers in a wide range of circumstances – even if they don’t fit within the normal lending criteria.

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